ISCRAM 2017 Program

Practitioners' Master Class

Practitioners' Master Class
Monday, May 22, 2017 — Amphi 1 — 16:30 - 18:00

Dutch and German emergency officer gather in Enschede in 2012

The Dutch Crisis Information Management Practitioners cordially invite you to participate in a Masterclass Field Research at ISCRAM, where they will present seven years of field lab experience in the Safety regions.

The Masterclass addresses the issues of setting up a field test in close collaboration with emergency officers, suppliers, local emergency authorities such as water boards, power supply and content providers . The challenge of researchers and project managers is to engage those communities in a collaborative effort. There are a number of challenges in dealing with the complexities involved. User involvement is often a prerequisite for field test validity claims. In many cases the intended demonstrator for testing by the users fails to reach sufficient levels of reality to call it a ‘valid’ simulation of emergency practices, loosing engagement as a result.

What is offered

The leaders of the Masterclass will provide a framework for field test design, set-up and evaluation based on their own hands-on experience. The framework covers themes such as participant involvement, scoping the test, planning, content acquisition, visualisation of the technology for first responders, and reference scenario examples.

The Masterclass has been organised in conjunction with the workshop on performance indicators for emergency information management that starts on Sunday. You are welcome to join both the Workshop and the Masterclass.


Dutch emergency officers gathered at Schiphol airport using an air crash scenario in 2014

Over the last five years, the Dutch platform of government emergency professionals – closely related to the National security council and the joint Fire Brigade Commanders of the Netherlands - has been working on issues of interoperability, semantics, geo-information, interpretation and multi-actor data preparation in order to improve the task they have all in common; to improve the information position of the incident managers during a large crisis. As clients of the research outcome, it is in our interest to engage the research and development community and to seek common research targets, shared modelling experiences and build components that each can use or extend. This would give more focus both to necessary future standardisation efforts as well as to the multimillion European investment in research activity. The core of this invitation, however, is that we offer ideas on validation and feedback for future research by hands-on practitioners, who normally have little opportunity to share their pragmatic experience with the international research community and who have trouble with questionnaires and excel sheets that make little sense to them.

Who should attend

Researchers and European project managers that intend to set up field tests as part of the validation of their information management theory, technology, method or other intervention. PhD students that seek ideas for future research.

Masterclass leaders

  • Dr. Rob Peters —
    Emergency Information Officer and Chairman Dutch Architecture Board for digital emergency management.

  • Dr. Gerke Spaling
    Emergency information Officer, Business intelligence programme manager and National field test organiser.

  • Ing. Henk Djurrema
    Chairman Netcentric working council in crisis management and Crisis management officer.